Hand-Crafted & Artfully Pickled

We believe that quality begins with pride in the production and presentation.  Every jar is hand-crafted and our products are cold-filled throughout the process to ensure a crispy, flavorful pickle.  Our signature brine includes a unique spice combination that unmistakably Kyookz!

Farm to Table

What began as a homemade refrigerator pickle I developed for my family...gained in popularity over the years.  When I decided to bring Kyookz to market, I made a commitment to support our local farmers.  We not only wanted to provide the freshest ingredients possible, but we believe that supporting local farmers is crucial to a healthy community.  We hope you enjoy the flavorful recipe we created and delivered from our table to yours.




In my previous career, I was a chemist and a microbiologist.  Now, I'm a mother to three great children in the beautiful state of North Carolina.  So, it was only natural that I began experimenting with homemade recipes as my children grew.  I dedicated myself to cutting unnecessary chemicals out of their food.  And, in doing so, I created my own version of some of our favorite food brands that contained preservatives, dyes, additives, etc. 

I introduced my homemade pickles to my friends and family, and to my surprise, they were a hit!  I began getting more and more requests to make them.  Eventually, one of my friends brought them to a local restaurant chef/owner who offered to put them on his menu.  

We are currently in over 200 retail and restaurant locations in the mid-Atlantic region thanks to the support of our local communities! 

-Lindsay Bisbee, Owner/Operator