Hand-Crafted & Artfully Pickled

No artificial ingredients.  No chemical preservatives.  And, each jar we produce is hand-crafted individually.  That way, every jar is unique, yet our ingredients remain consistent.  We believe that quality begins with pride in the production and presentation.  Every jar is crafted to perfection and our product remains refrigerated throughout the process to ensure a crispy, flavorful pickle.  

Farm to Table

What began as a homemade refrigerator pickle I developed for my family...gained in popularity over the years.  When I decided to bring Kyookz to market, I made a commitment to support our local farmers.  We not only wanted to provide the freshest ingredients possible, but we believe that supporting local farmers is crucial to a healthy community.  We hope you enjoy the flavorful recipe we created and delivered from our table to yours.


Kyookz:: Original

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Kyookz:: Spicy

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In my previous career, I was a chemist and a microbiologist.  Now, I'm a mother to three great children in the beautiful state of North Carolina.  So, it was only natural that I began experimenting with homemade recipes as my children grew.  I dedicated myself to cutting unnecessary chemicals out of their food.  And, in doing so, I created my own version of some of our favorite food brands that contained preservatives, dyes, additives, etc. 

I introduced my homemade pickles to my friends and family, and to my surprise, they were a hit!  I began getting more and more requests to make them.  Eventually, one of my friends brought them to a local restaurant chef/owner who offered to put them on his menu.  

So I started my journey of creating Kyookz.  And what a journey it's been!  Between a pickle-making class, commercial kitchen process development, and starting a business...I'm proud to introduce you to Kyookz! I hope you enjoy these pickles as much as I've enjoyed the journey to get them to you!